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We are often asked, "Why don't you carry Brand X?" Coincidentally, these are often the brands people see advertised in the Sunday paper.

A lot of shoppers don't give after-the-sale support much thought. We do. The products we sell from Dell and Lenovo are backed by some of the best manufacturer warranties in the business. Both cover shipping costs TO and FROM on return-to-depot (RTD) warranties, will overnight field replaceable parts, and have next-business-day (NBD) onsite service available. Those value consumer brands? YOU pay RTD shipping and packaging costs and will never see a field replaceable part or onsite tech. Why be pressured to buy an in-house extended warranty on a value brand to get these services and features when they're already included with our products?

When you utilize Fusion Tech Services, you are putting our knowledge and expertise to work to "separate the wheat from the chaff" and customize solutions unique to you (and/or your business). By being selective in our partnerships, we ensure a closer working relationship with our vendors as well as a more intimate knowledge of product offerings. And don't forget, every PC and laptop we sell has been optimized and configured with our "Ready to Go" service, which saves you hours of work or a $100 (or more) up-charge.*

Do you want something totally unique? We also build custom (or "white box") PCs (thousands over the years), covering the full gambit from ultra-tiny workstations, to Home Theatre PCs (HTPC), to high-end gaming rigs. You can also buy your own hand-picked parts and have us assemble them for you.

Stop overpaying! Our buying experience allows us to offer you quality products at extremely competitive pricing. Our laptops start at $239.95 and actually work well! Looking for a cool smartphone? Ours rock and start at just $19!

Can you find a lower price on the products we offer? Possibly. Can you find a better value? In our opinion, definitely not.

What's in a name?

Fusion Design Studio stocks popular (and proven) laptop and desktop models from Dell and Lenovo. If our inventory does not immediately match your needs, our status as an Authorized Reseller for these brands often allows us to provide the equipment you want at the same or lower price as you would pay by purchasing direct, yet we include value-added features and services that could otherwise cost you hundreds of additional dollars.

We personally use many of the same product lines that we sell. Thus, when discussing features, we have a more intimate knowledge of how they perform than a sales person at "big box" stores.

Personal or Business?

All equipment is not created equal. Almost exclusively, the computers and tablets you will see in a retail store are "consumer grade" devices. But what if you need something that can stand up to the needs of business? That's where "corporate grade" equipment comes into play. Dell's Latitude and Precision lines as well as Lenovo's Thinkpad products are built to higher standards (for example, a magnesium alloy laptop chassis to help survive a drop) and often have a 3-year warranty rather than a more typical 1-year.

Software and Accessories

The untold truth when it comes to software is that there is almost always a free or relatively inexpensive product available on the internet that will meet your needs (provided you do not need support and are using them for personal use). The few software products we sell are offered because we consider them the best and most reliable available (certainly subject to change over time). If we sell it, we also have licensed installs for our machines.

On our Hot Deals page, we bring you what we have found to be the best offerings on things like ink and toner, skins for your laptop and smart phone, innovative software products, etc.

We also stock hundreds of components for repairs and upgrades as well as LCD monitors, keyboards, mice, video cards, etc.

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